With our flipping business, Spin Properties LLC, I am 100% in charge of paint colors: interior, exterior, accent walls, front doors, etc.  It is one of the most fun things for me too!  You see so much transformation with just paint and that’s exciting!  Making something old-looking into something new-looking with such a simple fix.

I have had my battles with picking paint and I am happy to say that my misses aren’t as frequent anymore as I have come to learn what paint colors look best over brick, what look best over siding or for accent walls or front doors, etc.  SO, I am here to share my first post, of many to come, of my favorite colors that I am in to right now.  Paint, like fashion, changes for me from time to time and also like fashion, I like a lot of different colors. Today I will share with you some of my tried and tested favorite COOL colors.  I love all of these so much for different reasons.

#1 Lets begin with Naval by Sherwin Williams.

Naval by sherwin williamsCOPY

Hands down you guys, this is the best navy blue in my opinion! I used it in my office when I remodeled it (pictured below):


I plan on using this color in an upcoming master bathroom … can you envision navy blue with white marble??!! Yes please!  I also am using it as a front door color which is a more unique way of having a dark front door without being black.

#2 Frosty by Valspar

Frosty by Valspar COPY

This is the perfect pop of color!  I used this on this front door:


I probably wouldn’t be so bold as to use it on a whole room or a whole wall because stylistically I am more minimalist.  But for a front door its golden! HOWEVER, if I were to put it in a room, it would be one with a lot of natural sun light and then break it up by adding white batten board or bead board underneath.  That way you get the pop without it being too much.

Another color to try, if you like this color but want something a little darker and richer, give this one a shot.  It’s Seaside Resort by Benjamin Moore. I have not tried this one yet but I would be more brave to try it in a room because its a more of a “neutral bright color” if that makes any sense at all.  I could see this color in a bathroom with glass tile which would look fresh and beautiful. It would also be a stellar front door.

Seaside Resort Benjamin MooreCOPY

#3 Drizzling Mist by Valspar

Drizzlig Mist by Valspar COPY

Drizzling Mist is a great blue-gray for an exterior. Here is a house that we used it on (this photo was taken before the house was completed):


I love the grey house/white trim look right now … LOVE IT!  That being said, it is nice to be able to find that same pop without being the same as every other house.  Drizzling Mist is that color in my opinion.  It’s blue without being too blue and grey without being too grey.

#4 Mountain Smoke by Valspar

mountain smoke by valsparCOPY

I needed to post this color because it is stunning! STUNNING! And I will be updating this post as soon as I can. But we used this color back in the day on the exterior of a brick house (when I was a lot less organized with my photos).  And I literally do not have one after photos of this house because it sold before we were done renovating it and didn’t “need” photos of it.  Funny that now I need photos of it.  Anyways lesson learned. I do things a little differently now.  So you’ll have to take my word for it, Mountain Smoke by Valspar is really stunning on a brick exterior of a house.  I may be using as the interior color of a master bedroom/bathroom soon too.  If your room is big enough and you want a warm, sexy color in there, here it is.  It has both cool and warm undertones so it will go with nearly everything.

*** UPDATE: Here are some photos of the house that we used Mountain Smoke on the brick.  Isn’t it amazing?!?!


FullSizeRender  FullSizeRender-3

#5 Two more colors to try that I will be incorporating into a particular house in the next few weeks are Perfect Greige by Sherwin Williams and Pure White by Sherwin Williams.  I am using Perfect Greige for the body of the house and Pure White for the trim around the house and all the shutters. Greige is IN right now because it a very warm and also has the clean/fresh look of grey.  I’m a big fan and excited to see what it looks like on the exterior of a house.

perfect greige by sherwin williamsCOPY

pure white by sherwin williamsCOPY









I hope you like these colors too!  If you are wanting to paint but are nervous its going to be the wrong color and don’t want to buy sample after sample trying to find the right color, pick one of these or ask me what color you’re looking for.  Chances are I have used it and can let you know which one I recommend!