Nate and I had the craziest of opportunities to film a pilot for HGTV back in December 2017.  CLICK HERE TO WATCH IT!!  Here is a quick run down of how it happened:  We were approached by several different production companies after I started my Spin With Style instagram page and after several Skype sessions and interviews we came across a company out of NYC called Stick Figure Studios and we seemed to hit it off really well.  We then planned a trip for them to come out to film a mini sizzle reel to present to HGTV.  The network seemed to like the mini reel because they approved an entire episode to be made of us and what we do.  It was an exciting and stressful 7 weeks of production! Nate and I bought a house in North Salt Lake for the pilot and all seemed to be going smoothly until we weren’t able to close on the house on time because of some title issues that weren’t resolved with the bank.  This pushed our shooting time back which was a major stress on not just us but especially for the whole crew coming out from NYC.  But we got past that and started the filming process.  I had to get used to being in front of a camera, which for me, was very hard.  Nate is a natural because he has a lot of practice with public speaking.  I on the other hand am quite shy and had to really step out of my comfort zone.  But I loved how the episode turned out and no matter what happens, if anything at all, I am so grateful for the experience and the friends that we made with such wonderful people! I didn’t take many photos from the filming, which I probably should have but here are the ones I took.  I will be writing a separate post with the before and after photos and the stats of the house that we filmed at a later time.