Have you ever moved a staircase?2018-11-15T11:58:23-07:00

We have moved staircases and added staircases when we vault the ceilings and add square footage upstairs.  That can get really complicated and hard to envision but the more we do it the easier it gets.

How many plans do you go through before deciding on how the layout of a remodel is going to work best?2018-11-15T11:57:49-07:00

This process has been streamlined incredibly.  When we are doing 10 + houses at time and have been for several years, it gets easier and easier to see beyond what you see in front of you.  With practice it gets much faster with knowing what makes sense.  But Nate and I will generally walk through the house and talk it through of what we think make the most sense. And we will kind of sketch it out on paper so we know what to take to the engineer or architect if we need to use one.  But we are down to getting it figured out within an hour depending on what the size of the house is.

How do you know where to add lighting to your house? I’m always confused whether to add a sconce, large lamp, floor lamp or just plain recessed lights.2018-11-15T11:57:17-07:00

Lighting can be tricky.  For renovations, I try to put a lot of can lights in the ceilings because a lot of the older homes that I work on only have fan lights or a single ceiling light to light up a whole room. Not that I am against those at all.  I like to use cans where I can and then add accent lighting.  I love wall sconces in a bathroom above the mirrors.  I love a dining room chandelier and a chandelier above a staircase.  I love adding accent wall sconces above open shelving in a kitchen or above the kitchen sink.  And then when I stage the house I definitely use floor lamps and table lamps to finish off the furniture design.  I tend to have a “less is more” mentality.  So I don’t go overboard with the ideas.  I try to make all the permanent lighting fixtures cohesive and tasteful.

What advice would you give to someone interested?2018-11-15T11:56:52-07:00

Just go for it!  There will be a million reasons why not to do something or try something new and then you will continue to wish you had. So take the steps to get what you want and be brave!

How did you get started in renovating and flipping houses? 2018-11-15T11:56:24-07:00

My husband has always been an entrepreneur, from the age of 12 when we started mowing lawns until now.  He has always loved working for himself and having that kind of freedom.  We went to a seminar/education program with a company called Fortune Builders and really loved their ideas of systems as well as their teachings on financial freedom.  We were also wanting to get into real estate investing with all the different strategies.  So we implemented their teachings and systems, had some coaches helping us through the learning curves and here we are still kicking and doing our best to put out a great product.

I’ve always wanted to flip a house but I don’t know where to start …2018-11-15T11:55:58-07:00

The first thing you’ll need to get going first is figure out the money side of it.  Raise private money or whatever works for you so you are ready to jump on an opportunity when it comes.

What is a difficult part of house flipping?2018-11-15T11:55:23-07:00

We are fortunate to work with so many wonderful people and contractors on a daily basis. It wasn’t an easy road however to find those individuals that we worked well with. That was a tricky part getting started is building your team.  Luckily we had some help getting started and some advice from other local investors.  On the design side a difficult part is not doing too much.  You get on Instagram or Pinterest and your wheels just start spinning and spinning, so keeping things reigned in is crucial or you’ll blow your budget pretty quick.

How do you choose materials? Tile? Hardwoods? Paint? Carpet?2018-11-15T11:54:31-07:00

It really depends on the house.  That being said, no matter the house, I always replace the entry and main level flooring to be hardwood floors. I rarely use laminate. Although that option has a ton of color options for a great price,  I’m not the biggest fan of the feel of laminate floor and I like my houses to feel a touch more elevated.  For tile in main rooms like the kitchen and master bathrooms, I like to pick very classic tile and color schemes.  I don’t go too trendy in those spaces because I like the feel to be more timeless.  If I want to try a new tile trend I will in a 1/2 bathroom or a laundry room.  Sometimes those pops of surprise are really fun.  For paint, I have my tested and tried favorite wall and trim colors and I usually stick to those colors.  I have varied a little bit from those but not much.  I also like to do a lot of research on interior paint trends and will incorporate in on an accent wall I decide to.  For carpet, this one depends on the price range of house.  I always put a very thick pad underneath the carpet but with “plushness” comes an added cost.  Some of my smaller houses do not fit a big carpet budget but for high end homes we like to add a nice thick, patterned, neutral carpet.