Whether you are renovating your house, someone else’s house or a flip, you generally start trying to come up with a color scheme of sorts. But with ALL the different styles, colors and options out there, it can be overwhelming and hard to choose. And if you’re like me, you kind of like a LOT of colors and could see a lot of things working for you. The way I handle this overwhelming amount of options is I choose paint last. I go with something that catches my eye; some detail that I LOVE and then base the rest of the design and coordinate the other rooms accordingly.



(Above: These are the two houses I am talking about)

Here is an example of something that I am working on at the moment. We have these two properties that are two doors down from each other that sit on this insanely delicious, almost historic street in Salt Lake City. The houses are old and have that old world charm. I desperately want to keep some of the old world influences in there but mix it with my modern/mid century flare. I call it “Past Present Future” style (ha ha ha). To start my design process, I was walking through one of the houses before we started demo and noticed these nasty but ornate kitchen tiles.


And from there I began to search out ceramic tiles that I think would be great in a bathroom or two for one of these particular houses. I felt like having a new ornate tile would provide the old world charm but still modernize it . Here are a few tiles that I am leaning toward from Mission West Tile. I LOVE these so much and they grabbed my attention immediately!


After finding these tiles, I now have a 5-palatte color scheme! I can put this tile in a hall bathroom and carry the colors throughout the rest house in different forms! I now don’t have to worry about “will these colors go??” The only thing you will have to continue to ask yourself is if the style is cohesive … and that blog post will come at a later date.

So, now that I have my inspiration for my color scheme, I went to one of my favorite paint suppliers’ websites and started searching for the paint swatches. And here are the paint colors that go perfectly with this tile. I also feel like these colors scream “Past Present Fututre” design! Am I right???!


So there you have it, this is the way I like to plan a color scheme! It’s just SO much less daunting when you are planning a whole house makeover, or even a one room make over, to break it down to what you love most and go from there! I hope this little tip helps anyone looking for an easier way to come up with a color scheme! (OR you can just take this color scheme because IT. IS. PERFECT! ha ha ha)