Color Scheming and How to Coordinate

Whether you are renovating your house, someone else’s house or a flip, you generally start trying to come up with a color scheme of sorts. But with ALL the different styles, colors and options out there, it can be overwhelming and hard to choose. And if you’re like me, you [...]

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3 “Simple” Ways To Change the Look and Feel of Your House

So if you’re like me, you are always thinking what you would change about your house.  It’s really too bad that everything costs money, am I right?! Why do we have to pay for things!? Ha ha ha but paying for the right things even if it’s simple, can get the [...]

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FAQ’s About House Flipping

Here are the top 4 questions we get asked when people find out that we renovate houses for a living:  What is the HARDEST part? Dealing with delays. When we are having to deal with contractors that don’t show up or are just slow, it can be extremely frustrating! When we [...]

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Tested and Tried Best COOL Colors

With our flipping business, Spin Properties LLC, I am 100% in charge of paint colors: interior, exterior, accent walls, front doors, etc.  It is one of the most fun things for me too!  You see so much transformation with just paint and that's exciting!  Making something old-looking into something new-looking [...]

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