Ohh the drama with this house you guys, seriously UUUGGGHH! Okay so we took this house from zero to hero. NO joke. We made it an open floor plan; vaulted the ceiling and added a loft; dug more of the basement out to add a bedroom, bathroom and laundry room and put in new everything … EVERYTHING! We listed the property and on the first day on the market we had 9 offers! This started a bidding war and we were all, “SWEET!” … Ya, no. Not sweet. This is another great gun-shy example of people so quick to put in offers but no one is really committed to the house. Anyways I’m going to give you the short version of the story.  So, we had this bidding war, it eventually went under contract 4 different times until we found a legitimate buyer who wanted the house! YAY! …. As we were going through the closing process we ran into all this crap with a “know-it-all” inspector who just full on, screwed up everything. So if you can’t tell from this post, I have a very sour taste for inspectors and to be honest most appraisers as well. I understand the purpose of their position and how it keeps people honest and the banks safe or whatever but the problem is, there is no formula, no code to determine for an inspector for example, what is wrong with the house and for an appraiser what a house is worth. It is ALL opinion based … SO what the crap are we supposed to do when we get a jerk inspector who just demolishes the deal on the house we worked so hard to make beautiful? And what do most first time home buyers do when an inspector gives you this massive laundry list of things that were “wrong” with the house … They walk and we are stuck … Funny how the 4 OTHER inspectors found literally nothing wrong with the house but hey, what do they know?! Right? Mr. Know-It-All must have read the book on how to piss people off and let me tell ya, he is good at that!  Anyways, the house itself is STUNNING! The sale of the house was a headache! Moral of the story: Let’s all just do our jobs the best we can and be nice … JUST BE NICE HUMAN BEINGS!!  And my rant is officially over. I’m sorry if I have offended anyone, I don’t mean to. This is my venting session … the wound is still a little fresh ha ha ha!


Square footage: 2,090 sq ft

# Bedrooms: 3

# Bathrooms: 2


Biggest change made: The whole entry/living/kitchen. Night and day difference by vaulting the ceiling and opening it up into a loft. It’s very “family in the city”.


Exterior Color: We painted the body of the house Graystone by Benjamin Moore and then painted the secondary color (shakes) and the trim Delicate White by Olympic. The natural wood railing on the porch is a really nice accent to the gray and white.


We bought it for $140,000

Our renovation cost was $65,000

We sold it for $314,900

There are obviously more costs in there than just a renovation cost and the purpose of this blog isn’t to tell you $ for $ how much we made on each deal but I’ll let you use your imagination and guess how much money we made or lost (because unfortunately that happens too).