This house is where brick walls are dreamed of!  We removed the old plaster and drywall only to find the most beautifully colored brick!  It definitely needed some repair which we were able to do by gently scraping away the old and crumbling mortar and replacing it with a gray mortar grout.  Then we sprayed the brick with a matte sealant and voila! But would you believe it if I had some people suggest to me to do a German schmear over the brick?!?!?! Ummmm no.  For those new to the German schmear concept, it’s a mortar wash where you smear mortar (usually white) over the brick and then you wipe it off so some of the brick color peaks through.    Sorry for anyone that likes that look … I’m sure it would work in a funky restaurant or MAYBE the right house but for this property the answer is a very loud NO! Haha And I love the way it turned out just exactly the way it was meant to be seen!

We were able to flip this house relatively quickly considering the amount of work we needed to get done on the project.  It took about 5 or 6 months.  So on the design side and on the business side we were happy!

Biggest Changes Made: In addition to exposing the brick the biggest thing was completely changing the layout of the main level of the house.  We opened up everything and made a true master suite on the main level. I love when we can make a house that makes no sense for a modern family now make so much sense!

Interior Paint: Silver Chain by Benjamin Moore for the walls; Delicate White  in glossy by Olympic for the trim

Exterior Paint: Ellie Gray by Sherwin Williams for the Brick; Snowbound by Sherwin Williams for the inside of the triangles or the “tympanum” of the house; Urbane Bronze by Sherwin Williams for the porch and stairs

Square footage: 2400

Bedrooms: 5

Bathrooms: 4.5

Purchase Price: $360,000

Our renovation cost was: $140,000

Sold Price: $700,000

There are obviously more costs in there than just a renovation cost and the purpose of this blog isn’t to tell you $ for $ how much we made on each deal but I’ll let you use your imagination and guess how much money we made or lost (because unfortunately that happens too)