Working on the 3521 house was really fun and frustrating.  We had big plans for this house!  We wanted to vault the ceiling, make a true master bedroom, open the kitchen and living room and just make the layout and design much more functional.  Then the city decided to have a little bit of fun with us and pull us through the ringer with permits on this house.  We waited for a year … A YEAR for the city to approve the permits.  Ask me how frustrating this is? (Insert a pulling hair out emoji).  Anyways, we were able to accomplish all that we wanted to do for this home.

Biggest Change Made: The kitchen.  We vaulted the ceiling on the kitchen side and added a custom spiral staircase going up to the loft.  We love doing this because we accomplish two things: 1) the height and 2) the square footage.

Paint: Baltic Gray (Benjmain Moore) brick; Delicate White (Olympic) trianges and trim; Eagle Rock (Benjamin Moore) steps and the porch

Square footage: 2500

Bedrooms: 5

Bathrooms: 3

Purchase Price: $205,000

Our renovation cost was: $80,000

Sold Price: $390,000


There are obviously more costs in there than just a renovation cost and the purpose of this blog isn’t to tell you $ for $ how much we made on each deal but I’ll let you use your imagination and guess how much money we made or lost (because unfortunately that happens too)