Let me tell you why I liked the deal.  I liked this deal because we bought it in September and sold it in December. Sometimes you just like a really quick and easy flip.  Thats what this townhouse was.  The city was great to work with, we didn’t do a ton of gut work and we just freshened the whole place up.  The biggest thing we did was rip out this massive fireplace that was in the center of the living room and continued to go all the way up the to the top floor and down into the basement.  So we ripped all of that out and made everything much more open.  But that’s pretty much it.  Super straight forward and nothing all that much left to say 🙂  Other than I don’t have any before photos.  Dang it!

Square footage: 2200

Bedrooms: 5

Bathrooms: 3.5

Purchase Price: $167,000

Our renovation cost was: $27,000

Sold Price: $240,000

There are obviously more costs in there than just a renovation cost and the purpose of this blog isn’t to tell you $ for $ how much we made on each deal but I’ll let you use your imagination and guess how much money we made or lost (because unfortunately that happens too)