This was Nate’s parents house and the house he grew up in since he moved to Utah. It’s crazy how things work out too!  So Nate’s parents ended up buying this house and then we bought this house from them to flip! It was a trip for Nate to watch the house he semi-grew up in, totally transform! And for me, we would go over to this house every Sunday night for dinner and it’s almost like it was my house too. For flippers like us, we are always thinking about what WE would do if we were to renovate this house or that, so we had a LOT of thought to back up what we wanted to do to this job. The house already had GREAT potential and it is in THE best location in Orem, in my opinion. It’s in an established neighborhood with big huge trees and the back deck looks out to Utah Lake without seeing the freeway … heaven! I could go on and on about the location and the house in general (especially after we had some work done to it!). But here it is:


Square footage: 3,690 sq ft

# Bedrooms: 6

# Bathrooms: 4


Biggest change made: 2 things: #1 The Living/Kitchen. We tore down the wall separating the kitchen and the living room and rearranged the kitchen appliances so it made more sense; added an island and a built in pantry and it is AWESOME sauce! #2 The Basement. The basement, since Nate’s parents bought the place, was unfinished. So we ran plumping down there and utilized the separate entrance and made a basement apartment out of it! The basement now is a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom, kitchen and living room dream!




Exterior Color: We kept the brick the same color because it was nice color brick and sometimes too much paint is just that. So ya, we kept the brick, brick and we painted the body of the house, Graystone by Benjamin Moore and the trim we painted Delicate White by Olympic. We also repainted the deck to Mountain Smoke by Valspar. Finishing it with black shutters and a black front door … the color on this house was spot on! Killin it!



We bought it for $200,000

Our renovation cost was $60,000

We sold it for $379,900

There are obviously more costs in there than just a renovation cost and the purpose of this blog isn’t to tell you $ for $ how much we made on each deal but I’ll let you use your imagination and guess how much money we made or lost (because unfortunately that happens too).