Hello! We are Nate and Trina Harris and we have been flipping houses since 2012 when we started our company Spin Properties. Our interest in doing this for a living started after we attended the Fortune Builders seminar and rehabbing boot-camp. We saw that we could have financial freedom by investing in real estate. Their whole system really resonated with us. It has been a big learning experience for us ever since, but what in life isn’t, am I right?! We began this new adventure with a ton of confidence thinking we can just completely OWN everything about house flipping! As you can imagine, that sureness didn’t last long. Time passed, lessons were learned, and here we are several years later, still loving what we do and are always looking forward to our next flip. The purpose of this blog is to keep a compilation of all of our projects and the things that go week by week. We started this blog pretty late (right around the purchase of house #30) so you’ll see not as many organized or cohesive photos but you get the idea.

We hope you like what we do and keep checking back to see the latest trends in how to Spin With Style.