Before and After (935 McClelland)

This house is where brick walls are dreamed of!  We removed the old plaster and drywall only to find the most beautifully colored brick!  It definitely needed some repair which we were able to do by gently scraping away the old and crumbling mortar and replacing it with a gray mortar grout.  Then we sprayed the brick with a matte sealant and voila! But would you believe it if I had some people suggest to me to do a German schmear over the brick?!?!?! Ummmm no.  For those new to the German schmear concept, it’s a mortar wash where you smear [...]

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Before and After (1467 Hollywood Ave)

Here we have another example of  waiting, waiting , and waiting on the city for permit approval … or better known as giving the city everything they want as fast as we can get it to them but they think one year is fast enough for us.  Thank you for THAT.  But enough trash talk.  At least we have a spectacular finished project.  Every time I walk through this house I fall more in love with it.  I love the A-symmetry of the ceiling.  Again, we vaulted the kitchen.  We were not able to use the ceiling this time to add [...]

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Before and After (207 East 475 North, NSL)

This house in North Salt Lake was just one of those houses that I wasn’t at much.  With two little ones to take care of and with a considerable amount of houses we are working on at once, I tend to occasionally focus on some houses more than others, especially when those houses need more design and more work.  This house needed some design but once those decisions were made, I moved on to the next big project.  I do love how this house turned out and it was nice because it wasn’t a huge project! Biggest Change Made: The biggest [...]

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Before and After (188 East 2090 North Provo)

Let me tell you why I liked the deal.  I liked this deal because we bought it in September and sold it in December. Sometimes you just like a really quick and easy flip.  Thats what this townhouse was.  The city was great to work with, we didn’t do a ton of gut work and we just freshened the whole place up.  The biggest thing we did was rip out this massive fireplace that was in the center of the living room and continued to go all the way up the to the top floor and down into the basement.  So [...]

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Before and After (3521 South 1200 East)

Working on the 3521 house was really fun and frustrating.  We had big plans for this house!  We wanted to vault the ceiling, make a true master bedroom, open the kitchen and living room and just make the layout and design much more functional.  Then the city decided to have a little bit of fun with us and pull us through the ringer with permits on this house.  We waited for a year … A YEAR for the city to approve the permits.  Ask me how frustrating this is? (Insert a pulling hair out emoji).  Anyways, we were able to accomplish [...]

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Before and After (1447 Logan Ave)

Another great house that we had the pleasure of working on and selling to some lovely buyers is Logan Ave in the Sugar House area of Salt Lake City.  This home rests in a great neighborhood on a great street where you are close to everything but the maturity of the street makes you feel like you are away from everything.  I loved being able to completely transform this house!  The kitchen before was a totally different layout with walls everywhere that just was not in accordance in what people want these days.  So we opened everything up (including the ceilng) [...]

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Before and After (137 South 280 East Orem)

So, I’m SO bummed about this post because I have only 1 before photo.  So you’ll just have to imagine what it looked like before we got our hands on it by the photo of the outside of the property.  There are 2 main reasons why this house was a nice one to work on.  #1, it’s relatively close to where my family and I live so it was super easy to check on the progress and #2 it was a quick flip. It was literally on the market for 5 days before someone snagged it and why wouldn’t they!  It’s [...]

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Before and After (Panorama Dr, Salt Lake City, UT)

For anyone who follows me on Instagram knows about my obsession with this house. I felt great about it when we first walked through before we did anything to it. I just new it was going to turn out amazing! And I was right, the before and after pictures speak for themselves.   I had a great time picking out all the finishes on this house. Because it’s more of a mid century modern house, I wanted to put very subtle details in the house that reflected that era with some simple abstract features without being too personalized. Because as we all [...]

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Before and After (1877 N, Orem UT)

This was Nate’s parents house and the house he grew up in since he moved to Utah. It's crazy how things work out too!  So Nate's parents ended up buying this house and then we bought this house from them to flip! It was a trip for Nate to watch the house he semi-grew up in, totally transform! And for me, we would go over to this house every Sunday night for dinner and it’s almost like it was my house too. For flippers like us, we are always thinking about what WE would do if we were to renovate this [...]

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Before and After (Edith Ave, Salt Lake City)

Ohh the drama with this house you guys, seriously UUUGGGHH! Okay so we took this house from zero to hero. NO joke. We made it an open floor plan; vaulted the ceiling and added a loft; dug more of the basement out to add a bedroom, bathroom and laundry room and put in new everything … EVERYTHING! We listed the property and on the first day on the market we had 9 offers! This started a bidding war and we were all, “SWEET!” … Ya, no. Not sweet. This is another great gun-shy example of people so quick to put in [...]

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